1993 --- Founded as the sole proprietorship of Sammy Y. Y. Chung, CPA in Hong Kong.
1996 --- Developed to a partnership.
1999 --- Started practicing as a corporate entity to meet the global market development.
2003 --- Changed the Company's name to Chung & Partners Limited (CPL) after the 10th Anniversary.
2005 --- Joined the authorized employer scheme which involves the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs accrediting employers on a corporate level. CPL has been appointed as an authorized employer of the Institute since 21 June 2005 to present.
2007 --- Built a team of highly motivated and good quality professional staff in the 15th Anniversary. The development in work force and steady growth in business serve as an ample testimony that the high professional standards of CPL meet the rapidly changing requirements of modern society. With in-depth experiences in a wide spectrum of industries, CPL established remarkably good relationship with the clients and business associates through understanding, communication and value added supports.
2008 --- Developed a tremendous networking among professional accountants through various international associates in different places over the world, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii and Guam.
2009 --- Extended our professional networking to other countries, including Australia, Europe and Japan.
2013 --- Sustained business and continued growth momentum in the 20th Anniversary against the background of adverse macroeconomic headwinds and the uncertainty of global economy.
2018 --- Changed of key management in the 25th Anniversary. Following the retirement of Mr. Patrick Ho, the co-founder of CPL. Mr. Jason Lau has been appointed as an executive director of CPL on 30 April 2018. CPL would like to take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to Mr. Patrick Ho for his contribution to CPL during his tenure of service and welcome Mr. Lau on his appointment.
Our mission is to deliver high quality services to our clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We strive to offer comprehensive, tailored solutions to any business problems and to help our client's business in success.
We continuously provide top-quality products and services to help our clients achieve their personal and business goals. In order to establish long relationships with them, we aim not only to fulfill their needs, but to surpass their expectations.
Through mutual respect, shared trust and equal opportunities, we empower each of our staff to perform to the best of their abilities, so as to build an energetic and creative team.
Insistence on integrity, courage to innovate, and a pioneering spirit characterize our drive to add value for our industry and the business environment.